The prison

The prison is a place where convicted individuals are confined to serve their terms. There is a similar state of life which can be likened to the prison and this is “poverty”. Poverty is the inability of a person to do what he wants at the time he wish to do it as a result of unavailability of the resources to do it. Just as it is painful for a prisoner that he/she is not free and can’t carry out their wishes, the same thing happens to a poor man. He loves to eat chicken and chips but can’t afford that, love to live in mansions but no money to buy, build or rent it, he loves to wear good clothes and look good but stretches his neck and watch these all in boutiques, he loves a woman but can’t provide her needs and even stripped of good communication to win a woman’s heart ♥, to the woman: she loves a man but can’t “tush” up to attract a man of her choice. Painfully few individuals notice this as a problem,  fight to get out of it, and then cross over to the better side where they will have full control of the atmosphere around them and detate what to do, eat, wear and who to move with. I write this piece on a note that so many people are going through this stage. I believe knowledge of your problem surely move you close to the solution. You have no reason to be poor because you are a carrier of God’s spirit, grace and mercy… . God bless you. .


The goal keeper

In a football ⚽ match, 10 players on each side try to kick the ball pass the goal keeper into the net of the opponent against one goal keeper.. This struggle continues for 1 1/2 hour in which the two keepers try invariably to stop or prevent the ball from crossing the goal line… This give a critical explanation of our lives; the only difference is that we try always to put the ball across the goal line even to our Detriment. The hope we have, is that our merciful God is our goal keeper; he cannot and we never allow anything that will harm us… Victory is sure for all of us who can put our trust perpetually on him. I love u my GOD… ……..

The fact…

Life is very precious but  so many of us play down its importance and misbehave. Everyone of us had a “big” picture of a personality we dreamt to be while growing up. It’s either we caught a never existed picture or we were too lazy to bring this “pictures” to reality. Let me quickly define ad explain laziness in two ways: 1.laziness of the mind. People who find themselves in this type of laziness always live ad stay around people who could help them with everything they need.  When such people are not within their reach, they fall into acts such as stealing ad fraudulent activities. 2.laziness of sight. People who live with this type of laziness are talk actives, they talk about other people success but can never take steps to better their own lives. They keep themselves always busy in places they could get information about the bank  accounts of celebrities, the latest news about hw much they make, where they live, their best food, d designers they use and the series of programs they have to attend to. This people spend more time talking unprofitable talks rather than going into action on how to better their own lives. Friends;never move with such people… More coming. God bless uuuuuuu..


Grace not merit…

Grace is a favour not merit. We are products of God’s divine grace and mercy called by Him to be gracious. Don’t be self centered cos u ll leave this world 🌍 one day and leave all these things u boast about.


Happiness that is based on material possession ll soon loose it’s ground ad be trappled under foot.  Happiness that last longer is divine and it can last for a life time. Chose for yourself which way to go… I am so happy to be what I am today.


Little Marcus.

I grew up as a king 👑 little wonder my parents gave me the name:Imogie meaning a king , my love for my mother was ad still at d peak. I could cry a whole day whenever my mom was not around and ll not stop until she is back. I always believe I can do all things (strength from God almighty) and whenever I am facing challenges; I could go on ad on trying until the problem is solved and if not, I can then seek the service of an expert in that regard. At seventeen I was electrocuted in a bid to help a friend fix his deck but thanks to God for saving me… Never let your obstacles deter you from becoming that big picture in your inner man.. Keep pressing and you will get over your challenges. Never give up friends because God knows you can do it; that’s why He is watching you as you keep trying. I keep thanking God because I know when He is through with me, the whole world will celebrate me. Remain blessed…

Act at the right time.

  • U got to wake the sleeping gaint in you and begin to act. Leaving it undone now ll call fr a coming back to do same thing at another’ time and period. Time lost cannever be regained.. Stop procrastinating and tell yourself you can, ad the best time is now!!!