The prison

The prison is a place where convicted individuals are confined to serve their terms. There is a similar state of life which can be likened to the prison and this is “poverty”. Poverty is the inability of a person to do what he wants at the time he wish to do it as a result of unavailability of the resources to do it. Just as it is painful for a prisoner that he/she is not free and can’t carry out their wishes, the same thing happens to a poor man. He loves to eat chicken and chips but can’t afford that, love to live in mansions but no money to buy, build or rent it, he loves to wear good clothes and look good but stretches his neck and watch these all in boutiques, he loves a woman but can’t provide her needs and even stripped of good communication to win a woman’s heart ♥, to the woman: she loves a man but can’t “tush” up to attract a man of her choice. Painfully few individuals notice this as a problem,  fight to get out of it, and then cross over to the better side where they will have full control of the atmosphere around them and detate what to do, eat, wear and who to move with. I write this piece on a note that so many people are going through this stage. I believe knowledge of your problem surely move you close to the solution. You have no reason to be poor because you are a carrier of God’s spirit, grace and mercy… . God bless you. .


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